What Qualities make an Athlete a Good or Great Player?


An athlete is a sports player that has the potential to be a good or great performer. While every athlete has the ability to be great, many team players will only be good or average. Many people want to know what qualities separate great players from the rest of the pack. Keep reading to discover the insightful answer to this compelling question.

Great Players vs. Good Players

Let’s make something clear from the start. There is nothing wrong with a being a good or average player. Truthfully, most teams at the professional and amateur levels are stocked with good and average players. Honestly, most athletes are good enough to make a team but that doesn’t mean that they are elite level talents. Recruiters often evaluate a particular sport’s eligible group of players to see who premiere players are and who are good or average.

Most sports players are recruited at the 3, 4- and 5-star levels. In college football, 5-star players are considered elite participants in their sport. An excellent prospect is usually a 4-star player who is extremely good slightly below the elite level. A 3-star player is good enough to be on a team but still needs development. An average or 2-star player can also fill the ranks of a team but they need more development and knowledge of a game. Fox Sport provides a good explanation about recruiting college football players. The information presented there will give you a general idea about how other sports leagues recruit athletes.

Qualities that makes an Athlete Great

The number one quality that makes an athlete great is called consistency. A great athlete is not consistent some of the time and they display this habit all of the time. The Huffington Post supports this fact with an article they had previously written on the subject. Many coaches (and even players) understand that if an athlete does not consistently train and develop their skills, they will never reach the elite level.

Keep in mind that a few people are naturally gifted athletes who can play a sports game like a seasoned pro. While they individuals are naturally gifted with athletic ability, they still must be consistent with their routines, habits and behaviors. Believe it or not there are a lot of great sports players that have never been discovered. This is because they lack something in their character, their work ethic or they have bad habits which prevent them from excelling at their craft. This is one reason why sports speakers talk about NBA motivation – what’s your excuse to show players how to best compete.

A Final Word about Greatness

The vast majority of people are always looking for the easy way out of things. They do not want to move beyond where they are at in life. If they do want to move on, they usually do not take the necessary steps to advance. The point is that great players are individuals who make sacrifices, put in the extra work, develops their skills, hone their craft and keep pushing toward their goals. These individuals are great because they go hard at their sport and in life.


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