NBA 2K21: How to create the best player 

Description: Get to know here how to create the best player for NBA 2K21.

One of the things that generates the most excitement with NBA 2K21 is the creation of our character and playing matches and matches in search of becoming true legends of this video game. For this reason, we want to help you create the ultimate player.

Keep in mind that one of the things about this title is that the possibilities are endless when creating a character. Depending on the style of play, what you prefer to enhance … you can choose one or the other, but we want to help you create the most balanced and powerful character possible.

First of all is to choose the position. Here in NBA 2K21 the best thing was to bet on the base position, since it was where we could get the most performance from our player. However, this edition things have changed and the ideal is to use the escort position.

Once we have selected this point, we have to choose the characteristics of our character based on defense, shooting, ball handling skills … Here are several interesting options.

On the one hand, the one that we recommend is the one with the orange and green parts of the same size, these being the dominant ones. Other interesting options can be the one with the same size of green and blue or if we are looking for something more defensive the one with the most red part, although here we can lose some offensive potential.

The next important point will be the issue of agility, speed … here the doubts are less since the best option is the first, although really the influence on the final player is much less than the rest of the fields.

At the point of the badges is where more variations can exist. Really the two best options are the following. On the one hand you can look to have 15-16 in all except defense where we will acquire a total of 5. This will make our player much more complete and balanced, although without standing out at any specific point.

Another option is to forget about completion almost entirely and focus on team play and launch. In the event that we bet here we will give a single point to completion, 25 to launch, 21 to make the team play and 7 to defense. Some of the defense points can be changed to get more completion.

Actually, the construction of the character is subject to our style of play and the form we want it to adopt on the court, but with the construction that we have indicated above we will have a fairly strong character in all aspects.

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(Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)


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