Getting a Gun Dealers License: Everything You Need to Know

The license of a gun dealer, also known as the Federal Firearms License, is regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, or ATF. To get this permit, people must fill out and turn in their Federal Firearms License applications, as well as their Certificate of Compliance to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

They must also review policies in their state to find out which other requirements they need to comply with. Some areas in the country may need individuals to obtain additional gun dealer’s licenses for their state or complete gun safety courses before selling guns and other related accessories to their area. This article will teach you how to obtain this kind of permission from the appropriate agency, as well as how you can fulfill additional requirements as requested by the state.

Get an application form and Certificate of Compliance

Applicants can either print forms from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives website or get them by contacting the ATF office in their area.

Go to the website, then click on Form 7 or ATF F 5310.12 from the column on the top right side of the site. Applicants will be taken to a page that displays how to fill out the application.

Check out this site for details about the ATF.

Click again on the link that reads ATF F 5310.12 in the right corner of the page to access the application. People can then print the form directly from their browser.

Return to the previous page and click the link for the form. This link will show the COC, which they can also print from their browser.

Applicants can call the bureau’s headquarter office to locate their area’s field office from where they can get the forms if they do not have access to the Internet.

Print or get two copies of fingerprint ID cards

People can obtain this card from their local PD office or a local police station.

Visit the nearest law enforcement office in the area. Individuals need to bring identification cards with their photos to get the fingerprint cards. In some instances, the local PD may charge fees for these cards.

Prepare two photos of yourself

These photographs need to clearly display the person’s face, as well as be sized at no less than two inches in width and height.

Gather application fees for the license

The application charges will vary depending on the types of firearms people plan to sell. These charges can be paid through money order, credit card, or bank check. Prepare more or less $200 if you plan on selling weapons that fall into non-destructive categories like simple handguns. Prepare at least $3,000 if you plan to sell destructive devices like poison gas, explosives, or missiles.

Click for more details about license fees.

Fill out the license application form

Dealers will be required to enter the information of their gun dealer enterprise, like business name and physical address, as well as the kinds of weapons they will be selling. They will also be prompted to disclose their personal info and criminal background, if applicable.

Fill out COC forms

This form will help show people’s personal information regarding their citizenship status, as well as asking them to certify that they comply with their country’s federal gun laws.

Send these documents to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

These documents will include the COC, FFL application form, fingerprint identification cards, photos of the applicant, and the fee. Address the package or envelope to the bureau’s main office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Attend interviews with ATF agents

After the ATF main office receives all the paperwork, the candidate will be contacted by a bureau agent in a series of interviews and inspections of the business site location from which they will be selling their weapons.

Get the dealer’s license

After meeting the bureau’s approval, they will issue the gun dealer the license within sixty days of turning in their initial paperwork.

Check the laws for becoming a dealer in your state

Depending on the state you want to operate in, the government may require you to get other permits in addition to your Federal Firearms License.

Visit the LCAV or the Legal Community against Violence website. This site will allow people to locate dealership laws in the area.

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