Top 10 FIFA 19 Players

FIFA 19 players are divided into the categories from top 1 to 10 and from top 1 to 100. The most exciting feature of the FIFACOIN is “Luckiest Packs”. The FIFA 19 players are the most demanding players over the internet and the top 10 players are highly rated players in FIFA 19.

The top 10 players are listed below:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo
  2. Messi
  3. Neymar JR
  4. Modric
  5. De Bruyne
  6. Hazard
  7. Sergio Ramos
  8. Suarez
  9. De Gea
  10. Kroos

The players are the most rated FIFA 19 Players and they have high career accomplishments. In the Luckiest Pack feature, you see players in the pack and the icons are different. The icons are gold ware, diamond, and many others. Instead of buying the players individually by the trade ways, you can purchase the pack of the players and you would receive a team in that pack.

The Highest value of the ICONS is 6,500,000 that mean the players in the pack are the most rated players of the league. FIFACOIN also gives you the facility to watch the demo before making your final decision. Once you click on the Demo button, then you would see that how the ICONS players are packed in the luckiest pack. Open “luckiest pack” would allow you to open up the pack but for opening that pack you must have 100,000 Coins or you can get the luckiest packs in exchange of your credit and cards as well.

FIFACOIN provides the players with intrinsic features and the luckiest pack is the new feature in the website. Once you open the pack you would receive the cards and then you are able to get the players of the ICONS battle. UNION 21-25 is next to ICONS and the highest value of this pack is 2, 92,000 and the first player in the pack is Cristiano Ronaldo which drives the interest and passion of the players towards the particular pack. The Luckiest packs have combined the players in one pack and then allow the users to purchase those packs in return of coins, credit or cards. The main advantage of the feature is that instead of purchasing the players individually, the users can purchase the players in a pack and they would not have to calculate the price because the pack price is fixed. You could only open the pack if you have enough money that is being demanded.

For Union 21-25 the amount of coins is 20,000 or you can open the pack by exchange of credit as well. Yes, only 20,000 coins would give you an amazing pack of players which involves Ronaldo, Messi, POGBA, OBLAK, DIJK, NAINGGOLAN, and LEWANDOSKI. Just open the luckiest pack and play with your dream players all at once.

The luckiest packs keep updating time by time according to the battles as 25 TOTW or UNION X. Basically the battle between the players is played according to the players you have selected. If you got Messi in the luckiest pack then it doesn’t mean that you are restricted to play with Messi in that battle. You can gather the team according to your own choice. The Luckiest pack just provides you a pack of players in return of coins, credit or cards. But the choice is all yours that which players you need in your battle. You can play with your dream team in the battles and can predict the winning chances by playing with highly rated players.

You have luckiest packs according to the console you select and the category you enter. Visit the website FIFACOIN and then select the luckiest pack from the navigation bar. You would see an option of console and category at the top of the page as shown below:

For example, you enter XBOX ONE and in the category you add diamond then you have to press the confirm button. Once you press it then you will see all related packs down in the page. The feature would help you to save your time by searching into all the categories to find your desired one. Just simply enter the console and select the category and then enjoy the packs you are urging to open.

The highest values fluctuate for PS4 and XBOX ONE. The PS4 console has the highest value 1,608,000 for the diamond category and for XBOX ONE the highest value is 1,360,000 for the same category. You have to pay 20,000 coins in exchange for the diamond pack for XBOX ONE and with the same pack for PS4; the players have to pay 20,000 coins. Wow! It is amazing that either you have PS4 or XBOX ONE console you can open the pack in the same amount. You have to get the players within 24 hours after opening the pack; otherwise, they would be sold to the system automatically. So hurry up and grab your luckiest pack!


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